Local Shops and Friends 

 PARMA & CO. Enter this delicatessen is a festival for the eyes. Founded by the Carmignani Father and Son, “it was born to offer in a special context, or perhaps just in an appropriate one, the best products of the Parma tradition” as they say. Parma&Co is a typical Parma delicatessen shop, where is possible to buy the products and taste them at home, or to take a rest and eat them in the pleasant dining room surrounded by hung hams. The owners of this shop, Camillo and Stefano Carmignani, Father and Son coming from Parma decided to open in 2011 this typical Parma delicatessen shop to offer special, hard-to-find products coming from the tradition of their region.

 ENOTECA COTTI. This traditional Milanese locale opened in 1906 and has been run by the Cotti family since 1952. Enoteca Cotti is much more than just a wine shop, it is quite the shrine for wine lovers. On the light-green art nouveau shelves, still original from 1906, there are more than 1000 different wines showcased, both Italian and international labels. In addition, there’s also a wide choice of refined Grappa, Spirits, rare vintage bottles, and an endless selection of delicious foods. The bottles are stored properly in the 500 square meters cellar at constant temperature. Since the ’50s, about 30 famous wine producers have asked the Cotti family to privately label some of their bottles with a special label representing the entrance of the Enoteca , in order to offer a unique product.



  TAKE AWAY BISTROT. A real piece of the district’s story, Take Away Bistrot was opened in 1976 by a TV star of the time and has been the meeting point for young and trendy people for long time. The name comes from the fact that it has been also one of the first shops to provide a take away service in Milan and in Italy. Everything inside is original: furniture, the typical green “Milano” color on the walls and the atmosphere. Now Daniele and Federico run it with an eye on tradition and one on innovation and are a reference for their attached clients, mostly professionals or journalists. Here is possible to drink an espresso in the morning, have lunch, meet for an aperitivo, dine and even come for a Sunday brunch, everything in a pure Milanese style. Take Away Bistrot is definitely a typical Milanese place.

 ANTICO PASTIFICIO MOSCOVA. The most ancient pasta factory in the city and not just a pasta factory. The Antico Pastificio Moscova is there since 1924 and now the owners are Bruno and Gianbattista, who in 1998 fell in love with this place and decided to take it over and to restore it carefully. Entering inside is a real jump in the past. Here is possible to find all the dishes of the Milanese traditional cook and more, from starters to desserts and everything is cooked just as our grandmothers would have been able to do and if possible even better. Moreover, they do a continuous research for refined treats from all over the world such as chocolates, cookies, jams and sell them in the shop. This shop is a jewel of Milano, where is possible to find the dishes of the Milanese and Italian tradition with a priceless taste of home.

 ROSSI E GRASSI. A place which is a reference in town for Milan Culinary tradition

 PANIFICIO PATTINI. Considered one of the best bakeries and pastry shop in town and a real landmark in the district, Pattini is the perfect place for breakfast, buying bread, cakes, pastries, for a light lunch, for an aperitivo and even for a late night snack, in fact is the only one in town opened 24h and one of the few which bakes fresh bread even on Sunday. Their strength lies in the high quality of raw materials and in the freshness of their products, here you can find freshly baked bread at all hours.

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