In Milan there’s thousands of opportunities for eating out and choosing a place could be difficult. If you’re wondering where locals eat, here you find a list of some places.

This is a list of places that we like. Of course taste is personal, and not everyone likes the same things and places. Take this list as a bunch of a friend’s suggestions.


Restaurants in City Centre

Romantic Restaurants

Restaurants for Families

Traditional Restaurants

Vegan, Vegeterian, Raw and Gluten-free Restaurants

Best Aperitivo in Milan

Always check if the prices are in line with your expectations and check the closing days and hours on internet. Specially during the weekend, we suggest to make a reservation in order to be sure to find a table.

As for the tip, in Italy is not needed but appreciated. In restaurants you already pay a little supplement through the servizio (service charge) on your restaurant bill and/or the coperto (cover charge).

Smart tip: the Milanese go out for lunch between 1p.m. and 2 p.m., that means that restaurants are usually busier and it may happen that you have to wait before you can sit. If you can, try to go earlier or later!


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